Chris Vela | Sep 7th

Fantasy Football Shiny App

Using data from Fantasy Football Analytics to Make Quick Decisions.

Hours before my fantasy draft, I decided to use the data from Fantasy Football Analytics (which does some amazing work weighting player projections from multiple FF websites). Only problem was their own Shiny App didn't feel as condusive for me to make quick decisions as our draft would go on. I needed quick decisions to make while still be able to understand the data. Hence I decided right before the draft to make this quick FF Analysis to help me out. As you can see my league in the other tab. I am the 'Los Mejor Chingons' and my expected FF points for the season were the highest against my opponents.

So just a quick little tutorial how to use this app if you decide to test your prowness. It's actually really simple, but takes some due deligence to add the data as the draft goes on. When your opponents draft, just input the player's name and it will take them off the graphs so you can see who is available, and when you draft a player just type it in the correspodning text box and will do the same and add the player to your team so you can see your expected points for the season.

Now you're wondering where is the quick analysis. Well based on the guys at FF Analytics for Snake Drafts, there are two ways to optimize your draft pick based on starters and your bench. For starters, you are looking for lower risk, and high lower end expected points. Essentially want to find people who still have a high expected value on their lower end. In a graph using Plotly, which allows you to hover over points to see names, it's actually really easy, just look for people in the upper left of the graph. Now for bench players, you want to hope for the upper range to be high as well as the VOR. So you are looking for players in the upper right corner to draft. With that I hope it makes it simple for you to make quick decisions, especially if you are like me and didn't study the league that much this year.

If you want to run the model or mess with the data, all the code and files are available for you to fork on my github repo.